Top 3 Reasons Why 90% Of Online Businesses Fail – How To Fix It!


How To Fix Why Your Online Business Is Not Making Money Time Rich Empire 1

Over 90% of online businesses fail in 120 days. What this also means is that the majority of online businesses FAIL within their 4th month and really NEVER get off the ground before truly getting started.

“Why is this?”

Figuring out why most online businesses fail so quickly is much easier than you might think.

Making money online is a method system and using the correct framework can turn any online business into a profitable platform quickly.

The flip side of this is also, the exact result for why so many online businesses can fail so fast.

Good news is that having an online business is one of the most cost-effective solutions to make passive income on the planet!

“So, still why do so many online businesses fail by their 4th month?”

A common problem is that by their 4th month most online businesses have failed to turn a profit.

They burn through most of their marketing budget on social media ads, such as Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Buying into the belief that social media campaigns will immediately drive revenue for their business.

Social media is amazing for engagement. However, social media marketing is not the best place to capture customers looking to make purchases.

For this reason it’s still necessary to target online search when it comes to selling online.

“Where 88% of consumers search online before making purchases!”

This makes an online website the best platform to sell products!

You will sell more goods and products from your own website platform over social media.

That doesn’t at all mean you shouldn’t be using social media. Just understand that likes and followers don’t convert to online sales.

“Again, social media is for engagement!”

We have worked with companies and brands with millions of social media followers but still not generating enough online sales. These are problems we help them fix and resolve by turning their website into a profitable revenue generating platform.

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Online Businesses Fail

Top 3 Reasons Why 90 Percent Of Online Businesses Fail Time Rich Empire


Launching Without A Revenue Model

They have no game plan for how to make money online. 

Sounds really silly, but the majority of online businesses simply build a website without having a revenue model established.

They hire a web developer and the site is built. No one comes, so next, they pour money into social media marketing and ad campaigns. Yet still, no one comes.


Forget To Setup An Online Platform Niche

There are six online platform niches for best strategies to make money online. It’s shocking how little most business owners understand about this method system approach for making money online. 

A platform niche for an online business is determined separately from a business industry. The platform niche is the technology framework for what purpose the online business will serve to benefit a target audience.

The “six online platform niches” for best strategies to make money online are used by top online businesses. This is how these top producing online businesses make billions of dollars online.


Failure To Target A Profitable Online Niche

This is likely why most online businesses will go off line in their 4th month.

It’s impossible to sell online when there is no demand. Let’s say the online business also failed to establish a revenue model or determine their technology framework for what purpose the online business will serve, it’s impossible to be successful especially if there is no demand and the online business is not a profitable niche!

There are four best online most successful money making business models. It’s important to make sure your online business is set up for ultimate success and targeting the best money making opportunities online. 

How To Fix Why Your Online Business Is Not Making Money

How To Fix Why Your Online Business Is Not Making Money Time Rich Empire

Now that you better understand why your online business may not be making money online or how to solve problems to start making more money with your online business.

A primary problem is that “most online businesses” have not been properly trained to make money online.

When it comes to making money online the method system approach is not groundbreaking. In fact, just following simple techniques and Time Rich Empire exact framework for success strategies can help to jumpstart your online business into a revenue-generating machine.

Most people start online businesses because they either want to make Passive Income or need to Work From Home.

Many of the training systems paid or free don’t offer enough real fundamentals for how to set up a profitable online business.

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