Rich Versus Wealthy, Top Billionaire Investments For 2021

Follow These Steps To Become A Billionaire In 2021.

Too many people are obsessed with LOOKING RICH!

Reality TV has done a great job of making people only Look FAKE RICH….

Does Rich Only Look Rich??

Social Media is full of people pretending to LOOK Rich!!

Rich Versus Wealthy….

Most So-Called Rich People Are Fake!!!

Rich People Spend To Look Rich!

After Money Runs Out Rich People End Up In Debt and Poor!!

Wealthy People Do The Opposite Of Rich People.

Wealthy People Do Three Things To Stay Wealthy.

Wealthy People 1. Save

Wealthy People 2. Invest

Wealthy People 3. Earn Passive Income

What Is The Average Net Worth Needed To Be Wealthy In America??

According to Charles Schwab, a Net Worth of $2.27 Million is Wealthy!!

Where Do The Most Wealthy People Live On Earth??

New York, this is the number 1 city in the world by Billionaire population!!

In New York, you also need a Net Worth of $3.2 Million to be Wealthy….

Are Wealthy people driving luxury cars, wearing $20,000 watches, and $5000 designer suits??


According to Experian Automotive, “61% of wealthy people drive Toyotas, Hondas, and Fords!!”

Wealthy people are smart enough to get in early to invest in The Next Big Thing….

These are Top Billionaire Investments For 2021!

  1. Blockchain Websites

Wealthy people are buying Blockchain Domains as “Keywords” and building Blockchain Website as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as unique or scarce digital assets.

The Blockchain market will reach $28 Billion by 2025. *Meticulous Research.

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2. Forex Trading

Wealthy people are obsessed with forex trading. Forex exceeds $5 trillion volume in trades every single day.

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3. Niche Online Sites

Wealthy people are helping to declutter purchases with niche online sites. Forming affiliate marketing partnerships and earning passive income.

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Good luck