How To Escape Time Poverty


How To Escape Time Poverty Time Rich Empire

“Time poverty is the biggest reason why most people can’t reach higher income potential.”

Today time is a tradeoff for money, people are willing to trade time for money because they are not trained to value time. Not understanding that time is their best asset. When you think of time as an asset, the way you use or trade time will become a lot differently.

During the 20th century in Britain, the term “Money-rich and Time-poor” became an expression. It was used to describe groups of people who had good disposable income from high paying jobs, yet they also lacked leisure time to enjoy life.

This can also describe “Time Poverty,” where people can’t escape having to slave just to earn a high paying living. People may talk about the Kardashians, one thing no one can do is to “accuse them of being lazy.” The Kardashian – Jenner sisters all work for very hard, living a high profile celebrity lifestyle is a time-consuming process. Often requiring celebrity appearances, meetings, endorsement exposure, etc. 

How To Escape Time Poverty

How To Escape Time Poverty Time Rich Empire

Passive income is a better solution to escaping time poverty.

Our new Time Rich Empire book available in Kindle breaks down a clear path for creating Wealth Freedom, Self Ownership, and How-to Make Money In Your Spare Time Building Passive Income Secrets.

“Are you struggling with time poverty?”

When you are money-rich but time-poor, you are still poor.

The Time Rich Empire book is for you if want to discover a faster way to make serious money and without having to work hard to do so. This doesn’t mean you will not have to put in work, but making money should not take up all your time.

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