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Shockingly, most people are surprised to learn they can actually make lots of MORE money online by doing what everyone else is NOT doing.

“Following others is like rolling with the masses!”

You can’t stand out in a crowd among a crowed sea. It’s harder to find someone when everyone is dressed up in the exact same uniform, right??

No matter how much social media influencers, want you to believe that they are killing it at making money online! “How much of it is true or just make-believe (made up) for social media??”

Plus its super hard work being a social media influencer and it requires giving the world an entire play-by-play intrusive view inside your life and lifestyle options.


Ask yourself this “are you overly exhausted trying to keep up promotions to sell more goods, products, or services?”

If the answer to that question is “Yes” then it’s truly time to change your approach for how you generate money online!

(This article contains affiliate links where we recommend products or services that we love when you purchase linking from our site we receive commissions, for that we thank you!)

If I was going to be an influencer at all…it’s would be a Pinterest Influencer, you don’t even have to show images of yourself!

Grab your copy of “INFLUENCER GUIDE TO PIN LIKE A PRO ON PINTEREST: “How-to Start Using Pinterest For Business Marketing, Simple 1-2-3 Steps Solution“.

As a Pinterest influencer, your purpose is to create a visual impact to affect “purchasing decisions” and connect with “planned” consumer marketplaces.

A Pinterest influencer is like no other influencer on earth, having the ability to release spellbinding powers through visual storytelling. As the influencer you become the curator, overseeing the social bookmarking and indexing of collections to be discovered, helping solve problems found in search-based usage among the platform users.

If you are really serious about making money online it’s time to stop being a copycat!

Ooops, I almost forgot that Pinterest works best with Affiliate Marketing.

What’s affiliate marketing exactly??

Affiliate marketing is considered to be performance-based marketing where businesses reward partners who are their affiliates for bringing them business. Every time a customer learns about their products from an affiliate partner and makes a purchase after visiting the affiliate partner’s link, the business rewards the partner with a commission for being an affiliate marketing partner!

“So you get paid for making recommendations and Pinterest is the best place to connect customers looking to buy with affiliate marketing products!”

To be successful, you also need to have a few key things in place. I recommend that you should have your own self-hosted website because it gives you credibility and helps the customer to trust your recommendation for products.

Step 1: To create a Website or start your own blog, I recommend using Bluehost!

This is the ideal platform for creating a self-hosted website or starting your own blog to promote affiliate marketing products on Pinterest! Signup for Bluehost, Click Here

Step 2: Identify a Niche focus area you will focus on for your website or blog.

Step 3: Enroll in an Affiliate Marketing Network, I recommend MagicLinks!

It’s 100% FREE to join and you will be able to select products, goods, and services to promote affiliate marketing offers on your website site or blog. Signup for MagicLinks, Click Here

You will still need to follow FTC compliance by including #affiliatelink or #afflink in your posts on Pinterest.

Additionally, with MagicLinks you earn commissions based on the entire value of the final purchase, not just the linked-to item! Plus their links come pre-shortened for using on all social media platforms. Just still remember to follow FTC compliance by including #affiliatelink or #afflink in your posts across all social media platforms.

Top MagicLinks creators are making over $100,000 a year, just by sharing products they love!

Bonus formula: The key to success with MagicLinks? Consistency and patience. As with any affiliate marketing program or social media platform, overnight successes are rare. You will see the biggest rewards by creating and sharing at least 30 links per week with your fans, and logging in to your account daily to monitor data.

Signup for MagicLinks, Click Here

Make it happen!

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