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If you ever felt like you missed out on the Dot-Com era from the 90s to early 2000s, where digital real estate was being created and sold for millions.

This could be your perfect opportunity calling to invest in Blockchain Domains!
Dot-Com created a different kind of “digital real estate” asset class.

Having the best domain name was almost a guarantee to surge to the top in search results.
For this reason, the Internet successfully created many millionaires and billionaires.
However, the playing field hasn’t exactly been leveled, especially for small businesses to compete online.

With a stagnant market, it only makes sense that innovation would evolve in different directions.

Blockchain Startups

Along comes blockchain startups changing the game and essentially helping to level the playing field.

“Blockchain is on track to disrupt tons of industries worth billions!”

There is absolutely no stopping the power of a blockchain domain and creating passive income through investing in blockchain domains for payments and censorship-resistant websites will be the future.

What Is Blockchain?

A blockchain is considered to be a decentralized, distributed, and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

Let me walk you through my easy three steps process system for how I invest in Blockchain Domains….I’m giving my complete system away for free “step-by-step” all from right here today.

“What’s the catch?”

I just need you to Pay It Forward, that’s it just share this information by sending the link to someone else!

Create Passive Income Blockchain Domains Digital Assets Time Rich Empire

To Get Started

Our affiliate partner and #Sponsor of this content that we use to purchase our blockchain domains is a company called Unstoppable Domains, you can Click Here to make all your blockchain domain purchases.

Based in Singapore the .Zil is a new blockchain domain service that is backed by the Zilliqa Foundation.

Auction is set to go live in June 2019, it will launch on Zilliqa mainnet. The registration lasts for 2 years and will renew in the 3rd year. Cost of renewal is only $5!

The Zilliqa “.Zil” a third generation blockchain is a smart contract platform focused on scaling through sharding. Producing a blockchain live implementation of sharding. Due to sharding, Zilliqa is very scalable.

Blockchain domains replaces cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable word or names.

The blockchain domain can be used to get paid in any cryptocurrency. For example attach any $BTC, $ETH, $LTC, $ZIL addresses and more all to your .Zil domain. To collect payments, just use the specific .Zil address instead of very long cryptocurrency addresses.

Unlike traditional domain names, where Godaddy or Google domains are assets stored on your behalf while they act as the custodians. With blockchain domains you are able to build censorship resistant websites.

You control your blockchain domain which is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet and controlled by you, preventing any company or court order from taking it from you.

3 Steps System Blockchain Domains Passive Income Kyle Ransom Time Rich Empire

It’s so super easy and you can do this from anywhere. Becoming a Blockchain Domains investor and developer can change your life! Work from home, an office, anywhere in the world!

For example, these are a few of the blockchain domains that my company recently purchased.

gocryptocurrency.zil Uply Media Inc
 OpenRetail.Zil Uply Media Inc

1. My First Approach, I decide how much I plan to invest.

Typically, you can purchase a blockchain domain for only $10 or $250 for premium listings.

Keep in mind you could simply purchase a blockchain domain and rent it out!!

I recommend $50 (5 x $10) or $1,250 (5 x $250) to get started.

Think of it like planning to purchase 5 digital real estate commercial buildings, except your investment is only going to be $50 or $1,250 to purchase.

2. Conduct Blockchain Industry Research, I determine which industry blockchain can disrupt based on market trends.

This is where you strike digital asset gold and need to understand the marketplace to build your passive income revenue model.

You can purchase blockchain domains as an individual or business, however, you elect to make your purchase. It’s a blockchain purchase, so you are not entering your name or address to make the purchase.

“It’s the blockchain payment processing that identifies that it is you!”

Open Retail Zil Blockchain 3.0 Uply Media, Inc

Our revenue model for building a passive income with blockchain domain investing is to rent, sale, develop, and hold blockchain domains.

Some of the blockchain domains will be rented out to b2b for conducting payments and censorship-resistant websites.

If the price is right, some will be sold provided that the use is for good intent.

A blockchain domain is very powerful and should never be sold when intentions are not going to benefit the industry.

Many of our blockchain domains will be developed by my company and held as digital assets.

3. Evaluate Blockchain Domains Unregistered Online, I look to see which Dot-Com domain extensions are unregistered and estimated value to determine potential.

I use Uniregistry to conduct my research

For example, we also purchased MeshNetworking.Zil

The .Com extension is valued at $250,000.00 and is live (registered) for sale!!

If you follow blockchain technology, mesh networking is exploding at this moment. The revenue model potential in this focus area is going to create billionaires.

Now, in my blockchain research in step 2.

I was able to determine that blockchain is set to disrupt the mesh networking industry.
So even if the .Com extension wasn’t worth $250k, it would still be a great passive income revenue model for blockchain domains investing.

The reason mesh networking industry is perfect for blockchain technology is that big companies like Samsung and IBM are already working on this concept for ADEPT (Autonomous Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Telemetry). 

Which the technology using blockchain is the backbone of a decentralized network of IoT (Internet Of Things) devices.

Leading our company to also purchase a blockchain domain for the Internet Of Things!

How To Know If You Should Invest In A Blockchain Domain

There are two important factors in my system, that I always use to determine when to invest in a blockchain domain.

I determine if blockchain would work for the industry, could the technology disrupt the industry, etc.

Next, I must decide if the blockchain domain will have a purposeful revenue model.

“Unlike Dot-Com naming, a blockchain domain needs to have a purpose for operating as a revenue model.”

For example sold for $872 Million Dollars documented in the SEC filings by parent company Gannet Co., Inc.!!

However, just “Cars” doesn’t give a major purpose for using blockchain technology as a revenue model.

When you add the functionality of being able to enhance the experience of leasing, buying, or selling a car using blockchain technology this changes everything. 

In 2015, Visa and DocuSign unveiled a new proof-of-concept called the “Visa-DocuSign“ tool that used bitcoin blockchain for recordkeeping.

The focus was on digitizing the process of leasing a car. 

Visa-DocuSign tool uses bitcoin transactions to create a digital fingerprint for each vehicle, with new transactions published throughout the leasing process.

Once the customers choose the car they want to lease, next the transaction is entered on the blockchain’s public ledger. 

All from the driver’s seat, a customer can sign a lease agreement, insurance policy, while the blockchain is updated with this secure information!

Conducting research, my team and I knew that Car Leasing would make the perfect blockchain domain for a revenue model, so we were lucky enough to make the purchase!

Now that I covered my complete 3 step process system, you should be able to find 5 blockchain domains to get started that will be a good revenue model to create passive income digital assets.

To purchase your blockchain domains, use the exact same company we did by visiting
Unstoppable Domains, to go for it CLICK HERE!

If you are interested in partnering with to invest in blockchain domains and third generation blockchain 3.0 projects, we have private investment opportunities available, to learn more please contact or call 404 806 0548.

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Cheers to your success!

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