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I’m Kyle Ransom, CEO, and co-founder of Uply Media, Inc (among being a serial entrepreneur running various businesses), the inventor of the “Time Rich Empire” method for making money with passive income and developing digital real estate online business models. 

For over a quadrant centennial, 25 Years!! 

I have been full-time (WITHOUT ANY EMPLOYER!) starting successful money-making Passive Income Revenue Streams All From Scratch! 

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I’ve even partnered and teamed up with some of the biggest names in tech from Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.

Including Blockchain technology for Polygon, Ethereum, Zilliqa, and more! 

From 2014-2018, my company Uply Media, Inc designed, developed, and created a total of 159 apps under our own publisher license of “Uply Media, Inc” for a total of 159 applications, including 107 for Apple’s iOS apps and 52 for Google’s Android apps. Capturing a total of over 1 Million app downloads for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android available in over 155 countries. Ranked in the Top 5% for Most Apps and Top 10% for Most Download installs in Google Play Store. 

In early 2019, Uply Media, Inc closed our Application publishing licenses with both Apple and Google, to focus on Blockchain technology extensively.

One of the most important skills for any business, no matter the specific industry niche is KNOWING EXACTLY WHEN TO PIVOT! 

A business pivot requires a shift or change to some aspects of core products or services. 

To be successful at creating and generating passive income revenue streams, doing a business pivot is one of the biggest kept secrets to achieving 10x revenue growth! 

A strategic move transition to connect with growing target audiences for boosting revenues and meeting emerging consumer demands. 

To be successful at creating Passive Income Revenue Streams involve understanding how to select the Most Profitable Industry Niches!! 

In addition, the creativity of an Offer for Products or Services is a key component when it comes to generating consistent and sustainable Passive Income Revenue Streams. 

For example, Airbnb is considered a great way to invest in real estate and generate passive income revenue. 

However, there are different business models to generate passive income revenue through Airbnb. 

It all depends on a variety of factors for the business owner, especially when it comes to generating passive income revenue on the Airbnb platform. 

Typically, Airbnb investors are focused on renting out single-family homes targeting vacation rentals. 

Inflation has caused many Airbnb investors, renting out single-family homes targeting short-term rentals to see a decline in bookings. 

For this kind of Airbnb-focused business owner, it is necessary to have cash reserved to carry notes and hold the property when not able to generate passive income revenue from bookings. 

The average business owner simply can’t afford to do this, which is why understanding when to enforce a business pivot in products or services is necessary. 

I still believe that Airbnb is absolutely a great way to generate passive income revenue, even with inflation and in a recession economy! 

This is why for my real estate acquisition company, we enforced a business pivot to shift our Airbnb “Offer” from Short-term Rentals to Mid-term Stay Rentals.

This transition was made even when the majority of rentals available on Airbnb, were primarily all targeting vacation rentals. 

Our passive income focus strategy was centered on building our brand in the alternative Extended Stay market. 

Engaging professional travelers who stay for longer periods of time, which is a mid-term stay as opposed to the typical short-term stay. 

There will always still be a need for professional travelers. In a downtime economy because of employee shortages, more employees will be expected to travel on work assignments. 

By offering Corporate Housing my company is able to service a sustainable growing demand for a variety of traveling professionals. 

In a downtime economy making Passive Income is likely the easiest solution to have more Time and Financial Freedom.

When inflation is up and a recession hits, consumers are already aware of spending cutbacks.

Creating a Passive Income Revenue Stream that consumers desire, particularly during a recession will allow you to sell more!! 

Just being Prepared is the most relevant thing any business owner can do to grow a successful Passive Income Revenue Stream in a recession. 

For 2023, these are a few of the best Passive Income Revenue Streams to focus on for generating immense profits:

Forex offers a consistent opportunity to generate passive income revenue streams! The forex marketplace is the largest most liquid market in the world. On average daily trading volume for forex exceeds $5 trillion every single day.

Trained as a professional trader by Apiary Fund, I created the Forex Trader Profit Planner PRO as the foundation for a successful forex trade plan.

(Here are actually some of the real businesses owned by my companies generating Passive Income Revenue Streams) 

Offering Corporate Housing For Online Hosting Platforms 

Did you know that Airbnb dedicates a specific focus to Corporation Housing on its platform? 

There are also specific corporate housing agencies dedicated to industries to house traveling professionals. 

HLH Stay is a hospitality brand owned by one of my companies and we generate passive income by assisting traveling professionals needing housing for 30 days or more. On average corporate travelers stay for 90 days or more. 

Airbnb is one of the ways we also provide corporate housing for passive income revenue streams. 

This is an Entire Serviced Apartment that offers corporate housing to professional travelers. Available for mid-term stay rentals. 


Listing Car Rentals On Car Sharing Platforms 

The car shortage of 2022, created an extreme demand for car rentals. This was a result of Car rental companies selling off most of their inventory during the pandemic. A surge in demand has not been adequately met, driving up high rates.

The shortage of rental cars created an opening to make passive income through car-sharing platforms.

Turo is the largest marketplace for car sharing. This is a listing of vehicles available for car sharing on Turo hosted by one of my companies. 


Creating Niche Online E-commerce Sites For Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions to generate passive income revenue streams.

A common mistake is to not focus on a profitable affiliate marketing industry niche. is a trademark brand and niche online e-commerce site owned by one of my companies, successfully generating passive income. 


Building Blockchain Websites For Web3 Renting Out Space

Digital real estate for Blockchain Websites “Web3” will be a major focus for 2023 and beyond.

Renting out space on Blockchain Websites will create new digital investors eager to generate passive income revenue streams. Where the transformation of the Internet shifts in a business pivot from Web 2.0 to a decentralized Internet platform.

I break down how this will work in my book Blockchain Web3 Next Millionaires available on Amazon. It’s time to Get ready for a “Read, Write, Own” Web 3.0 transformation phase of the Internet.


Developing Brand Focused Self-Publishing On Amazon KDP 

Without question, Amazon KDP is one of the ultimate passive income revenue streams for publishing.

There is a lot of competition in this sector, why selecting profitable industry niches is so important when utilizing Amazon KDP to generate passive income revenue streams. 

For this concept, one of my companies developed a brand Big Book Journals. An innovative offer of functional multipurpose designs where aesthetics meets journaling. Creating a modern approach featuring decor book journals for coffee tables, interior design, end tables, bookshelves, decorating with books, and more. Each decor book journal enhances interior decorating as accessories to turn spaces into works of art and expressive designs. Easily stack or combine for insightful design appeal transformation to rooms and living spaces.


Inventing Digital Products Created By Brand Recognition 

This passive income revenue stream is expected to explode in 2023 and beyond! 

More branded websites are starting to develop digital products. Where brand recognition and credibility will use digital products to generate passive income revenue streams. Opening the door for brands to create new revenue business models through digital products.

CHARMPOSH is another trademark brand and e-commerce site owned by one of my companies, that successfully generates passive income through digital products. 

Here we redesigned the traditional digital product and transformed an ordinary EBook into an upscale luxury digital learning experience! 

Clear Skin + Wellness Planner Guide by CHARMPOSH is the best option that offers easy-to-follow simple solutions for clear skin and wellness health daily routines.  


Producing Niche Music For Music Streaming 

Music streaming for the talent scene is going to also be huge in 2023 and beyond! 

I enjoy producing music as an artist, which is an excellent solution to generate passive income revenue streams. 

My music is distributed in a variety of ways from having a signed deal listed under a catalog number with a label.

I am also able to offer my music on TikTok as sound options for making videos.

My main preference for offering my music is of course directly on my website Music by KMR.

 Additionally, my music is also available on Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc. 

The more streaming channels I display my music through drive opportunities to increase passive income revenue growth. 


Spreading Wellness Media Channel On YouTube 

When it comes to generating passive income revenue streams, Wellness is a top evergreen niche industry. This concentration isn’t going anywhere and will only increase in 2023 and beyond! 

Promoting a wellness media channel on YouTube is an instantaneous solution to start generating passive income revenue streams.

As with most popular profitable industry niches, there is generally tons of competition. Focus on developing a wellness channel for YouTube that’s not overly crowded and adds value to the platform. Allowing for consistent revenue earnings in advertising revenues and sponsorships.

For one of my companies we recently just launched a Wellness Channel for YouTube featuring Relaxing videos to generate passive income streams.


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