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“Are you still trading your TIME for Money?”

“Tired of being Time Poor? Ready to start building your own Time Rich Empire?!”

If so, you have finally arrived at the right location on the Internet.

Time is your most Valuable Asset and right now is the perfect timing to take ownership over who controls your time.

You, likely also landed here to solve your own problem “Howto Make Passive Income” and learn to grow an online business, “right?!”

“Who Am I?”

I’m Kyle Ransom, CEO, and Cofounder of Uply Media, Inc. the inventor of “Time Rich Empire” method for making money with passive income and growing an online business.

While most so-called gurus won’t admit it, they likely struggled before finding the “right formula” to make consistent money online.

Learn How-to Build Wealth Through Passive Income (2) Time Rich Empire

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When my team and I first started to research “Passive Income” and how-to-find better ways to make money online, we realized that much of the information available on this subject matter was a misconception or completely all wrong.

I’m not here to BRAG about How Much Money my company is Worth or Making Online!

I’ll let Owler (the real experts) show how much my company Uply Media, Inc is really worth…I don’t brag or feel a need to prove anything (like showing off monthly income reports), I am a direct action person.

Besides, I don’t think that you are truly interested in my company’s value or online revenue results anyway…you’re likely just interested in “your own” online revenue and solving problems to generate more revenue online faster through passive income!

If so, you have finally arrived at the right location on the Internet.

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In my Time Rich Empire book, I reveal top insider secrets for how-to create Passive Income blogs to make 10k a month and up!

( Learn How-to Build Wealth Through Passive Income – Order Time Rich Empire Book right now )

One key benefit to achieve success with Passive Income blogs is to focus on profitable niches.

Here are examples of Passive Income niches to start a blog where people are looking to spend money online;

  • Fitness and Health
  • Work From Home
  • Make Money Online
  • Personal Finance
  • Diets
  • Lifestyle (Anything that represents a lifestyle passion such as gardening, clean living, luxury, etc)
  • Nutrition
  • Motivation
  • Beauty
  • Fashion

The Most Important Things You Need To Make Money With Passive Income.

  1. Your Own Website Platform.
  2. A Blogging Publishing Platform.
  3. Sell Your Own Digital Product.

If you truly serious about building wealth through passive income, then you need your own website platform that is owned by you.

Never ever use a free website, because free sites are not owned by you and can be shut down in an instant. It’s not uncommon for free website accounts to get terminated for even the silliest violations or not even valid reasons.

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To be successful through Passive Income and with any online business, owning your own website platform is the fastest path to riches.

Think of your own website platform just like a real estate development project. You want to build it with all the best resources and top technology available.

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  • New York Observer
  • TED
  • Spotify
  • CBS Local
  • NBC
  • and many many MORE, WordPress even powers more than 27% of websites online around the world.

Some 19,500,000 websites or more online are being powered by WordPress! This is why you want to build your own website platform on WordPress and with Bluehost as your trusted hosting provider.

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One of the main reasons I also recommended the Bluehost “Choice Plus” hosting package option is because it allows for unlimited domain names and unmetered website space and bandwidth plus unlimited email accounts!

Once your own website platform is set up to run on WordPress, you have options for Pages and Posts.

A Blogging Publishing Platform is the second most important thing you need to grow your Passive Income business and can easily run powered by WordPress for your own website platform by posting content in the Posts feature.

To grow your Passive Income business online posting 2 to 3 times a week to your blogging publishing platform will help to drive traffic to your website.

As you build your Passive Income business model, a blogging publishing platform serves as the marketing gateway to promote your specific niche.

The third most important thing I stated that you will need to make money with Passive Income would be to Sell Your Own Digital Product.

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What’s so great about SendOwl is that using their software platform all you need to do is sell your own digital product by creating it, SendOwl allows you to sell directly to your customer “NO Middleman” and get paid directly from your customer!

Never have to worry again about technical set up or splitting fees with middleman third-party sites to sell on their platform.

With SendOwl, you will be able to create your own digital product and upload it to the system. A better solution to sell your own digital product from your very own website platform. Completely erasing the middleman forever.

SendOwl works to integrate with popular gateways with no technical setup required. Easily accept credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or even Bitcoin,  payments and more. Even comes with checkout pages in native languages!

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