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Top 3 Things To Make Your Amazon Kindle Passive Income Grow Faster


Top 3 Things To Make Your Amazon Kindle Passive Income Grow Faster Time Rich Empire 2

Amazon Kindle is one of the very best ways to make true Passive Income online. The problem is most people don’t know how to fix common simple mistakes to start making 7 figures selling Kindle books on Amazon.

If you have been struggling to generate good revenue with your passive income business model selling Kindle books, this information is about to change your life.

Most people don’t understand Amazon’s search engine and waste so much money by targeting buyers for their Kindle books incorrectly. By targeting online search you can actually sell more Kindle books!

Plus these 3 secrets will show you how to win at Amazon search engine marketing, by doing just these 3 simple things can help to increase your revenue earnings.

These are the top 3 things you can do to make your Amazon Kindle passive income grow faster.

Top 3 Things To Make Your Amazon Kindle Passive Income Grow Faster Time Rich Empire


Use Only One Pen Name Per Niche.

To be successful as an Amazon publisher, consistency is the what you must show to build credibility.

This is why you should only have just 1 Pen Name per niche.

A Pen Name is also a brand, as you build your brand for your Pen Name publishing in a profitable niche under one Pen Name will continue to build credibility in that specific niche.

Hence: One Pen Name Per Niche.


Target Profitable Keywords As A Niche Focus.

Go after key words that will be profitable as related niches.

Ideally, target profitable keywords by focusing on 5 related niches.

Keyword 1 = Niche 1
Keyword 2 = Niche 2

Instead of publishing 1 book in 1 profitable niche (targeting a profitable keyword).

Publish 5 different books under 1 Pen Name related to the same niche by targeting 5 profitable related niche keywords.


Build A Website Hub To Promote Your Books.

This is the single most important tip to drive your Kindle success. You must have your own website hub to promote your Amazon Kindle books from.

Consider this your own promotional publishing corner of the web, where you attract the 88% of consumers searching online to pre-purchase products.

You will promote content from your OWN website hub to attract people looking for solutions for their problems that your book solves.

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