Time Rich Empire 7 Best Passive Income Strategies

Time Rich Empire

This is a snippet from the Book Time Rich Empire available on Amazon Overall wealth is best achieved by generating income that does not require direct action to make that income like, a W-2 employee.

Here are the 7 best passive income strategies:

  1. Rental income from real estate properties
  2. Profits, cash flow, and earnings from any business that you own or have bought but have other people manage for you.
  3. Dividend and interest income from investments such as securities, commodities, stocks, bonds, Forex, notes, metals, and EFT’s
  4. Earning from online platforms such as websites, online stores, or e-commerce.
  5. Royalties paid from intellectual properties such as music, books, manuscripts, computer software, or a patent.
  6. Interest income derived from bank accounts, CD’s IRA’s and money market accounts.
  7. Interest earned from crowdfunding investing.

The bottom line is that there are many ways to earn passive income.

Which one works for you?

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