This is a snippet from the Book Time Rich Empire available on Amazon Overall wealth is best achieved by generating income that does not require direct action to make that income like, a W-2 employee. Here are the 7 best passive income strategies: Rental income from real estate properties Profits, cash flow, and earnings from any business that you own or have bought but have other people manage for you. Dividend and interest income from investments such as securities, commodities, stocks, bonds, Forex, notes, metals, and EFT’s Earning from online platforms such as websites, online stores, or e-commerce. Royalties paid from intellectual properties such asRead More →

Time Rich Empire: Mental Marathon

    In order to be Time Rich, you must first train your brain to do so. You will have to condition your mind to perform at peak levels in order to reach your time rich goals. Found inside The book “Time Rich Empire” available on Amazon Here are six steps to achieving this. 1. Determine The Why. Take some time as to why YOU want to be time rich. Write down your thoughts. This is the foundation to your motivation. 2. Develop a Strong Work Ethic. In order to win your mental marathon, you will need to put in the work. Are you O.K.Read More →

PopSockets Passive Income Time Rich Empire

If you haven’t been exploring how to make passive income with PopSockets, you are seriously missing out! PopSockets was founded in 2012 by David Barnett, who was at the time a philosophy professor and started the company from his garage. Barnett turned the company into a $169 Million Dollar business, creating a huge demand for owning PopSockets! Making Passive Income With PopSockets PopSockets are now a celebrity cult favorite, adored by even the Kardashian-Jenner Klan (so they must be Bible!) The best part about PopSockets is that they make it easy to securely hold your smartphone for easier texting, calling, photos, and of course “taking selfies.” TheyRead More →

T-Shirt Designs 2019 Trends Time Rich Empire

T-shirt designs are the hottest passive income business model to start for 2019. Everyone is looking to cash in on creating custom t-shirts and selling them direct to consumers. What’s so amazing is that it’s so easy to get started making money with designing t-shirts. This article will break down how to get started with no investment, money, or inventory. Okay, thought that would grab your attention.  T-Shirt Designs 2019 Learn how to create a #PassiveIncome business in Time Rich Empire book!  To start making money with t-shirt designs you first need to have a print on demand source. Here is the ultimate list of best print onRead More →

Happy Veterans Day Time Rich Empire

This Sunday, November 11th, 2018 is Veterans Day!  A day to honor America’s veterans and active military, as a U.S. Navy war veteran I would like to wish all veterans and active military members a “Happy Veterans Day!” Here is a special list prepared by RetailMeNot, for where veterans and active military members can find several restaurants and retailers that are offering free or discounted items, meals, and services across the country. #HappyVeteransDay Happy Veterans Day This year, more than 40 restaurants are participating, including Olive Garden, IHOP, Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings. Some restaurants will offer free meals for veterans, while others do buy-one-get-one-free deals or free appetizers with the purchase ofRead More →

How To Escape Time Poverty Time Rich Empire

“Time poverty is the biggest reason why most people can’t reach higher income potential.” Today time is a tradeoff for money, people are willing to trade time for money because they are not trained to value time. Not understanding that time is their best asset. When you think of time as an asset, the way you use or trade time will become a lot differently. During the 20th century in Britain, the term “Money-rich and Time-poor” became an expression. It was used to describe groups of people who had good disposable income from high paying jobs, yet they also lacked leisure time to enjoy life. This canRead More →